EGYPTAIR Cargo is proud to announce for achieving the IATA CEIV PHARMA certificate, obviously, it was a huge processes to comply with such certificate requirements and rules, in particular, the dedicated team went through three IATA certificates at the same time, first one as an airline, second one as a cargo handling facility (terminal) at Cairo international airport, and as a cargo handling facility (terminal) at Borg Al-Arab international airport (Alexandria) as well.
EGYPTAIR Cargo is taking a positive steps for its role in the national strategy to make Cairo international airport as a HUB for Cargo transportation, logistics and supply chain, taking an advantage of its strategic location connecting the three continents; Asia, Europe, and Africa, also giving the opportunities for the freight forwarders companies and the rest of industry concerned parties to use the multimodal international transportation Sea, Air, and Road to create the best route plan for moving their shipments. 
It is worth mentioning that the pre-assessment and the validator auditors from IATA who really add a great value to us and we would like to thank them very much , also success requires a lot of hard working along with the right performance and devoted team.
Continuous Improvement is our core business for more achievements in order to meet our customer’s needs and expectations, Egyptair is Cargo expecting to add by the middle of the next year an addition 4000 Sqm controlled rooms temperature to meet the increasing demand for time and temperature sensitive shipments whatever for import , transit or Export freight.