Pursuant to the directions of Captain Ahmed Adel, Chairman of  EGYPTAIR HOLDING Company, on the importance of maintaining domestic and international credit, which assures the credibility of the company's procedures at the international level, that attracts customers and increases the importance of the company globally. In this regard, EGYPTAIR CARGO passed successfully The European Union's inspection on the security measures for handling and shipping cargo and mail from the A.R.E to EU countries onboard its aircrafts and other airlines aircrafts. The renewal of the certificates ACC3 and RA3 is valid or five years to come.
Hence, the importance of obtaining these international certificates in compliance with the laws and regulations of the European Union, which provides for the application of certain security standards for the handling ,storage and shipping of goods and mail to the European Union.
Captain Bassem Gohar, Chairman of EGYPTAIR Cargo stated that the outcomes of the inspection were compatible with international standards. 
He pointed out to the readiness of all employees ,in the various cargo complexes in Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor, to comply with the specified security standards.
In this regard, Mr. Hisham Elewa, VP Cargo, said that international inspection and renewal of international accreditations aims to ensure that cargo and mail handling procedures are carried out at the highest levels of Ground and Air security and safety, and in conformity with international standards as well as EU standards on security procedures and shipping procedures that the company follows.
Mrs. Suzan Macclellan, who is responsible for the inspection and audit, praised the efforts exerted by the concerned officials for the implementation of security requirements, coordination and fruitful cooperation between all the security authorities in the Ministry of Interior and the Customs officials at all inspection sites.