EGYPTAIR CARGO Company succeeded in transporting a shipment of live animals of special nature from Johannesburg, South Africa to Beijing, China via Cairo airport. The shipment was loaded on 2 cargo pallets with a total payload of 1990 kg .Each pallet contains 5 Wild Tigers with a total number of 10 Tigers onboard MS 840.
This coincided with the acceptance of another shipment of a special nature coming from Giza Zoo, Egypt. The shipment was loaded on 2 pallets with a total payload of 4200 kg; each pallet contains 2 Hippopotamuses with a total number of 4 Hippos. Where the company will transfer both shipments from Cairo to Beijing, onboard a 777 aircraft under flight number MS955.
Captain Bassem Gohar, EGYPTAIR CARGO Chairman, stated that the company succeeded in providing all the means to ensure the safety of transport of animals, despite being a shipment of a special nature.
In this regard, EGYPTAIR CARGO VP Cargo, Mr. Hesham Elewa, stated that, the company has the human power and experiences that allow it to accomplish these tasks to the fullest, taking into account the application of international standards and requirements for safety and quality.